Pre-Fight Training

Pre-Fight training involves learning how to practice blending and deselection, observing recognition cues, and tactics to escape various types of confrontations.

  • Escaping Before Contact
  • Escaping Physical Attacks
  • Escaping Weapons Attacks
  • Escaping by Attacking

Fighting Training

AMOK! uses one set of blade-based actions to fight with any weapon or empty hands so you only adapt to the weapon at hand but you fight the same way.

  • Knife/Stick/Pistol
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Empty Hands
  • Much more

Post-Fight Training

To achieve the Best Possible Outcome it is critical to manage witnesses, weapons, first aid for yourself or others, and dealing with the police if/when they arrive.

  • Containment and Recovery
  • First Aid / First Responders
  • Managing Police Arrival
  • After-action Reporting


Scenario Training

Scenario Training challenges an individual’s response-ability along a wide spectrum of threats by one or more assailants, in private or public settings.

  • At home and work
  • Cars and parking lots
  • Multiple attackers
  • And many more

Methodology Training

Our ultra-functional proven methodology is world-renowned for developing skill faster than any other method against a fully resistant opponent.

  • Detailed tactical breakdown
  • Full range of activites
  • The cycle of functionality
  • And much more

Trainer Training

Being professionally licensed means you will have the proper training, greater protection from liability, and it will establish you among the highest-quality trainers in the industry.

  • No fee for coaching and licensing
  • Pay NO percentage of earnings
  • Very low monthly support fee
  • We pay you for video sales